Our load tracking gives you visibility to all current and future loads.

Utilizing the USAO platform, every team member performs their duties, whether it is sales, planning, dispatching, or tracking of loads.

Load Management

Our system allows for loads to be broken down into separate departments or run as a whole through user permissions depending on your needs. Your Sales team can focus on new loads while your Dispatch concentrates on current load equipment requirements and driver needs, and Permitting can focus on trip planning. Finally, the prepared load can be pushed to in house pilot car dispatchers, 3rd party pilot car brokers, or automated at which time the platform will utilize your whole network.

Each zone on the Load Management page can be resized and moved to fit individual user preferences better while allowing full transparency to other departments. User permissions allow you to control what each user can access. Administrators can set distinct zones, a combination of zones, or full access. Each zone has its own set of tools to assist in each departments efficiency

Building your backlog is made easy with direct load entry. The base information automatically feeds each system to delivery. Tools are available for editing changes along the way and communicate those changes to all vehicles. Integration with existing services may be available upon request.

Pickup and Delivery locations can be as big of a mystery as they are essential. We give you three options to enter these locations. You can use the standard Address, Latitude, and Longitude if no address is available, or you can select it from finding the location on the provided map. Using a combination of these steps sometimes is required, but once found, you can confirm the location. Looking at the location via satellite can help you understand the challenges a driver and equipment may experience. The addition of online notes to the load helps clarify challenges for all users, whether it be at the pickup, along the route, or delivery.

Driver and Equipment Assignment is made simple with point and click-ability. Sometimes equipment configurations need to be made to accommodate specific loads. Making these adjustments on the platform reminds you of the net load capacity of your current equipment configuration. Company Drivers and Owner Operators are capable of being accessed from your list while setting Owner Operator specific settings for permits and pilot cars within their profile.

Loads that have completed the previous steps are ready for the Pilot Car assignment. You have the choice of Manual in house dispatch, 3rd Party Pilot Car Broker assignment, or Automatic Pilot Car Dispatch. Automatic Dispatch will utilize your full network of accessible pilot cars, including Pilot Car Brokers, dispatching required vehicles to fulfill State Regulations throughout your entire route. Our system will always prioritize your ranked pilot cars while negotiating the best rate with each pilot car individually. Pilot Cars that continually run with the same Truck Driver can also be automatically dispatched, ensuring trusted relationships are maintained.

Additional features of Load Management