Increase efficiencies by more than 50%!

Profitability is a direct result of your efficiency, and our system stands alone in the ability to track, locate, and communicate your current and future loads with flexibility and accuracy while maintaining the highest level of integrity to State Regulations, all at your fingertips within seconds without ever picking up a telephone!

USAO's platform automates many of the processes associated with moving oversized loads, whether it be across town with multiple support vehicles or traversing the country. Trucking companies and Pilot Car Brokers can visualize the movement, meet State requirements, make adjustments, and manage invoicing with shipment delivery. Pilot car applications and qualifications are viewed and approved online, and they can then be utilized on loads. When a load is contracted, selected parties are notified, and movement commences on the scheduled date and time from the pickup location. The USAO Mobile application provides for real-time location updates as well as push notifications on available loads, negotiation status, contracts, and invoicing at delivery.

Key to USAO's platform is tracking your loads and understanding when pilot cars are required. We provide two options, Manual for hands-on control or Automatic, which will match your networked relationships 24/7. This can be set at the time of load entry so you can use a mixture of system solutions that best fit your needs.

Dispatch Manager provides full visibility to all loads. It is giving you easy access to make adjustments while in route if required. For example, loads that require multiple pilot cars can become confusing. USAO makes this easy, see how many pilot cars are needed for the load to depart and track if additional pilot cars will be required in other states along the way. Our capabilities allow you to react to these changes saving you time and money.

The internal Load Board allows all networked clients to view and apply for future loads. This is a phone-free system allowing you to review applicants and make your selections. In our full automation mode, loads will be awarded 48 hours before the pickup time. Otherwise, the system will go to direct dispatch and automatically run the GPS location of qualified pilot cars against our planning algorithms and send load offers directly to available eligible pilot cars through our mobile app.

All communications, whether automated or in manual mode, are entirely transparent and can be viewed from Dispatch in real-time at any time.

Communication is as crucial as the tracking of loads when it comes to pilot car dispatch. We provide a communication status window for every load, whether performed manually or automatically. You can see the current status of your communication with each pilot car through the mobile application, and enter additional negotiations if required.

Additional Efficiency Gains

  • Mobile Application for IOS and Android
  • All load data and communications stored for 3 years
  • Client Networking
  • Company Profile
  • Additional Insurance submission and vetting
  • API Integration upon review
  • Load and Route details
  • Operator, Truck, and Trailer details
  • Pilot Car driver and Vehicle details
  • On-line 24x7
  • Express Pay feature
  • Priority dispatch
  • Ranking assignment
  • Track changes to and status of support vehicles
  • Configurable Screens