Pilot Cars, Trucking Companies, and Pilot Car Brokers collaborate through a single service.

Give your organization full visibility into the client network and resources needed to move loads without making a single call or accessing multiple systems.

Client Network

Building Client Networks is a key to optimizing any business. USAO's platform streamlines the process. The Directory shows you everyone who is registered with USAO services and allows you to apply to each client on the network. Registration and Network Applications are always FREE. Build fast, build large and build confidence!

The online and mobile Registration walks you through the registration process, collecting and saving required documents, helping your organization get approval by a client's network quickly. Optionally, Sub Contractors Agreement can be digitally signed as a pre-requisite to client networking. Clients can now ensure drivers and vehicles meet all requirements before utilizing a pilot car on any load. In turn, all requests can be approved for use within the network immediately.

Performing due diligence is essential these days and can save countless dollars in lawsuits. You can review all client-related documents online, receive references for High Pole, Steerman, and Route Survey capabilities, and view all the states an applicant is legal to operate. Optionally, you can automatically send their insurance to an agent of your choice for policy vetting. Additional insurance coverage policies can be set up, then extended to clients who don’t match your policy requirements, and the cost is reflected on their invoice.

Additional features of your USAO network: