USAO's State Regulation Audit Module ensures selected vehicles and drivers are qualified.

Build a Pilot Car and/or Broker Network, ensuring company, as well as state requirements, are met and maintained automatically. Now, you can focus time on increasing the number of loads covered.

State Regulation Audit Module

The State Regulation Audit Module is a critical element of USAO's platform, saving time and money. The module is an internal process that we maintain, which automatically audits all pilot cars against every load entered into your network. Per our terms and conditions, any pilot car that falsifies their vehicle equipment entries are subject to non-payment for any duties they receive through false data entry. This is to ensure smooth transportation from State to State and keep your trucks rolling.

Requirements specific to your organizations can be added in addition to State requirements.

Suspension of a support vehicle for future loads will occur if the pilot car has not renewed its expiring documents. Suspension notices are emailed 30 and 7 days ahead of expiration.

Additional State Audit Module Features

  • Add Additional requirements
  • On-board Vehicle Equipment
  • Risk Management Equipment
  • Vehicle Setup Equipment