Very Efficient Platform

USAO's platform automates many of the processes associated with moving oversized loads, whether it be across town with multiple support vehicles or traversing the country. Trucking companies and Pilot Car Brokers can visualize the movement, meet State requirements, make adjustments, and manage invoicing with shipment delivery. Pilot car applications and qualifications are viewed and approved online, and they can then be utilized on loads once rates are negotiated on line. When a load is contracted, selected parties are notified, and movement commences on the scheduled date from the pickup location. The USAO Mobile application provides for real-time location updates as well as pushing notifications on available loads, negotiation status, contracts, and invoicing at delivery. Learn More

Client Network

Building digital Client Networks is a key to optimizing any business. USA Oversized platform streamlines the process. The Directory shows you everyone who is registered with USAO services and allows you to apply to each client on the network. Registration and Network Applications are always FREE. Build fast, large, and with confidence!

The online and mobile Registration walks you through the registration process, collecting and saving required documents, helping your organization get approval by a client's network quickly. Included with the online documents are digitally signed Subcontractor Agreements as part of the approval process. Clients can now ensure drivers and vehicles meet all requirements before utilizing a pilot car on any load. In turn, all requests can be approved for use within the network immediately.Learn More

Audit Module

The Audit Module is a critical element of USAO's platform. The module not only saves time but can reduce your organization's insurance costs and risk. All Pilot Car vehicles and drivers in your network are audited continuously for licenses, insurances, certifications, vehicle equipment based in the states they travel.Learn More

Load Management

Our system allows for loads to be broken down into separate departments or run as a whole through user permissions depending on your needs. Your Sales team can focus on new loads while your Dispatch concentrates on current load equipment requirements, and driver needs and Permitting can focus on trip planning. Finally, the prepared load can be pushed to in house pilot car dispatchers, 3rd party pilot car brokers, or automated at which time the platform will utilize your whole network of pilot car connections.Learn More


USAO's Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation creates a single platform for all your planning and management of resources, whether you are a Pilot Car, Trucking Company, or Pilot Car Broker. Each organization communicates and executes its portion on the network for moving OS/OW loads.

Our mobile application adds to the platform's network effect by exposing more load opportunities with increased access to resources over a shorter period.Learn More